The 6 Ways to Stay Organized in 2018


Happy New Year everyone! Today is all about the 6 ways to stay organized in 2018. The New Year is always a great time to stay motivated, on track and make moves. I have another post coming on New Year’s as a whole but I wanted to share with my 6 ways to stay organized in 2018. These six items are perfect to freshen up your space to help you stay organized and motivated. Your work/living space should be as organized and as pleasant as possible so hopefully, these 6 tips help make it even better.  These items are perfect for your office or just your home as a whole. Let’s break down what they are and why I chose them below.

The 6 Ways to Stay Organized in 2018:

  1. Let Me Pencil You In:  2018 Agendas

I am super picky when it comes to agendas. I have to find an agenda that shows the month at a glance then space to write for each day of the week so I can add in my notes, make lists, etc. I haven’t ordered my agenda for 2018 yet but it will definitely be one of the ones below. I use the calendar on my iPhone to stay organized as well but sometimes I just like to write it out too.

Shop my agenda picks below:


2. Put It All On The Table: Lap desks

I used to use this all the time in college and was just thinking about how useful it would be to get another one. This lap desk is a super easy way to work while you’re sitting on your bed, on the floor or even the couch. It gives you a more stable workspace but allows you to still be comfortable and work from wherever you want. There are a bunch of different options that are inexpensive too. I’ll be ordering one of these as well.

Shop my lap desks below:


3. Upgrade Your To-Dos: White boards

Whiteboards have been my secret organization weapon for years! I used to use this when I was studying in school but now I use it to make my to-do lists, to brainstorm content ideas and more. It’s a great way to write out your thoughts and be able to edit them easily without making a mess. There’s also no better feeling than crossing off everything on your to-do list and getting to erase it.

Shop my whiteboards below:


4. Hustle in Comfort: Boyfriend pillow

I have a desk in my apartment but to be honest with you, sometimes I get sick of sitting at my desk and want to move around a little. This boyfriend pillow is the perfect combination with the lap desk because with these two items you have a portable workspace wherever you go.

Shop my boyfriend pillows:


5. I Smell Success: Diffusers

I recently got a diffuser for Christmas (I’m actually using it now) and it really works! You can order a bunch of different oils that do a variety things like lavender for relaxation for example. This is a simple way to elevate your home, apartment or office and make it a more enjoyable space.

Shop my diffusers:


6. Cute but Useful

There were so many items that I came across that were just good to know about. There are a bunch of tech accessories that I am loving too like the iPhone clamp, an extension cord that isn’t an eyesore and more. Check them all out below.

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