What’s on Rotation: My Staple Beauty Products


This post is all about my staple beauty products that are truly the foundation of my beauty routine. I’m sharing my favorite mascara, hairspray and other items that are on rotation and used almost daily.

Hopefully this series will be a great resource when you’re looking for a new mascara or whatever other product to add as a staple beauty product in your daily routine. I’m breaking down why these items are so good that they are staple beauty products and on rotation below. If you ever want a deeper dive into these products please DM me! I also use a lot of the products in my Beauty Buzz of the Week  but I didn’t want to be repetitive and include those here too.

See what staple beauty products are on rotation below:

Cleanser: Dr. Brandt Foaming Cleanser

This cleanser has been part of my nighttime routine for about 6 months now (read about the rest of my nighttime routine products here and here). It’s super easy and isn’t too harsh or drying or anything like that. It’s a great everyday cleanser.

Mascara: Lancôme Monsieur Big 

This mascara not only curls your lashes but also holds a curl. It stays on for a really long time and doesn’t irritate your eyes or make your lashes feel heavy.

Lip Color: L’Oreal Infallible Paints

This is literally one of my favorite shades of all time and it’s $10. The shade is called nude star and it’s the perfect nude because it’s not so nude that it washes you out color. I would describe it as a melted lipstick or a really opaque gloss that isn’t overly glossy.

Perfume: Phlur

This scent is super unique and I love it. I got the scent, greylocke and it’s kind of masculine but not so much where you can’t wear it. I’m not sure how exactly to describe it but it smells amazing. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Killian but it reminds me of one of their scents which is amazing because if you know anything about Killian you know that it is expensive.

Hairspray: Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Undone Texture Hairspray

Game. Changer. I hate it when you spray your hair after waving it and you can see little hairspray droplets now stuck on random waves and weighing down all of your body. The struggle is real because you can’t just go without it either. I tried this texture hairspray and it’s amazing. It doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it crunchy. It also actually works too.

Mask: Too Cool for School 24K Gold mask

I tried this mask for the first time last night so it’s not technically on rotation but it’s so good that I know it will be. It just made my skin feel really soft and clean. I didn’t wake up this morning oily or broken out either. My skin just felt refreshed.

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