My Favorite Cyber Monday Sneakers

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been interested in sneakers so I wanted to do an entire post on Cyber Monday sneakers. Seriously though, so many of you have been swiping up on Instastories for sneakers. I love being able to see what you’re interested in! It’s super helpful especially this time of year when there are so many different types of gifts and categories. The ironic part about this is that I just started really appreciating sneakers and how to style them when I fractured my ankle. It was a forcing function to figure out how to style sneakers and grow to love them. Well it totally worked! I am officially a sneaker fan. This is a really great time to buy sneakers because while I am a sneaker fan, I’m not a fan of buying them full price.

These Cyber Monday sneaker picks come in a lot of different colors too so if you’re not into the color, still click-through because most of them come in 5-10 different colors. I’m personally a fan of more neutral tones when it comes to sneakers but I totally understand if that’s not your deal. Don’t let the color throw you.

All you have to do to shop is hover over the image and click on the “+”. I’ve also linked the Cyber Monday sneakers below along with a few others that didn’t make the collage. Don’t forget to shop the rest of the Cyber Monday sale roundup here. I’ve been updating it throughout the day as things go out of stock, etc. Happy Cyber Monday sneaker shopping!

Shop my Cyber Monday Sneaker picks (plus a few extras) below: